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Robbie Myers
   Owner & Artist

Raised on Kaua'i I have always had a deep love for the outdoors. Later in life, whether I realized it or not, the outdoors also became my outlet. Where I felt the most free, the most vibrant.

When life seemed to follow the same cycle, day by day, work my shifts, have my weekend, omg is it June already, holy moly it's been 2 years; life most certainly passed me by. When I finally decided I wasn't actually living my life; when I finally became honest that I was just being distracted in routine, I decided to pursue the things I love just to see what would happen. This is the process of that pursuit.

hoto Credit: © W affle art

Braddah Man
   CEO & Head of Marketing

Meet Da Boss! This is the guy who is really running the show. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this super cool dude. He has more friends than I do. If you ever get a chance to meet him, say hi, getting love from the public as a pitbull will make him roll at your feet. He LOVES love. Ask anyone who knows him.

Don't let his cuteness fool you though; he's a pure slave driver. He knows that mom need to have more adventures in her life. The time is NOW! He makes me write down 3 goals for the day. Then I actually have to check-in with him. Tell him what worked & what didn't. At that, his Chewbacca sounds are reminding me to act like a PRO. Even if I'm not there yet.



Emma, Hustler & Box Control Coordinator

Even though Braddah has the title, Emma knows how to get her way. Fear the pitbull? I don't think so. You should see how she handles Box Control. 


Walter, Fabio Impersonator & Professional Wrestler (a.k.a. SmashFace)

Need a push? A SmashFace should do the thing. There's nothing like encouragement like having Walt Man rub his face against yours. His pure handsome & stoic presence helps provide a sure win for Team Waffle.

Curious to know what it would be like to work for or with me? Check out Waffle Art's Core Values to get a bite.

Waffle Art strives to create Team Universe. A world where we focus within. Lead with love. And give a damn about each other & this world.

1) Lead with LOVE

My friend Scott Stable says in his book ‘Big Love’,

“Love makes the most difference in every area that matters. It always has, and it always will.”

If I don’t love what I’m doing, or if love isn’t a part of the intention in what I’m doing, simply, I’m not going to do it, or it won’t express greatness. Love is spread in big and small ways. Each challenge another opportunity to lead with love, or not. All decisions start with this… LOVE.

2) Kindness, kindness, kindness

“There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.”

Mr. Rogers, between you and Jim Henson, I don’t know who I’d be today without you. You taught me that kindness is the way. To clarify what this Core Value means to me, I use 3 of your quotes.

“The world needs a sense of worth, and it will achieve it only by its people feeling that they are worthwhile.”

“Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like “struggle.” To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.”

Nuff said, Mr. Rogers, nuff said!

3) It’s our personal responsibility to be less destructive.

Do my actions/thoughts/words negatively or positively affect the Earth/other people/my own mind?

If so, how do I come back to #1 & #2?

4) Boundaries aren’t personal

Boundaries are essential to expresses ourselves for the individual that we are. For all of our quirks, triggers & weirdness. This Core Value is not an excuse to skip #3. Nor can it be without #1 & #2.

5) I’m a part of something greater & I don’t need an definition.

Because of #1, 2, 3, & 4, call it what you want, define it as you like. This concept guides me into less selfish actions. It guides me to think as a Whole. My instinct already thinks as an individual. Having both individualism and wholeness provides for my individual needs without the need to change everyone else.

6) Turtle Steps

Micro-steps, trim tabs, Atomic Habits, name this whatever you want. For me, it’s Turtle Steps (with the intent of adding them together to create T-Rex steps). Steps of the mind are large because they contain my ability to imagine. (I’m going to take over the world.) Which is good, but day to day choices don’t need to be so grande and heavy.

Show up. Cast a vote for the person you want to be (#3). A gentler approach as I deal with the realization that I’m an asshole, like everyone else. This Core Value needs #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 for the clarity of what my priorities are. They define what Turtle Steps are important for me in every tiny moment.

7) Progress, not perfection

Marie Forleo changed my life with this hashtag. Perfection is not #1 or #2. Hell, perfection can screw up any of these Core Values.

Perfection carries the burden of already needing to be good at something. Which violates #3 & #8 because that’s not damn realistic. Progress in the form of #6 (backed up by #1-5) and I’m bound to have a productive high-quality year full of joy, love & kindness.

8) Maintain the lighthouse

In my yoga teacher training, Marissa Weppner helped me to realize the impact of self-care. She said,

“Self-care is the lighthouse to your practice.”

Practice, meaning for me, not just yoga, but for my whole life. I’m unable to do #1-7 well when I feel depleted. In order to get good at making my life better, self-care turns out to be on top. I’m the Source of LOVE I receive.

If my lighthouse is unable to function properly, I’m unable to guide my dreams, therefore my life, with direction. I’m unable to know, with clarity, what’s right & wrong for me in any given moment.

Without my lighthouse, I’m lost at sea and at risk of crashing my entire vessel into the rocks. (I know about the rocks because self-care is difficult for me to act on. When that happens, this Peter Pan ship covered in pixie dust sails more like a dinghy with a hole at the bottom.)

9) My heart speaks truth. My mind speaks fear.

Awareness of this difference is critical. Awareness defines what voice is being spoken. Because we’re all crazy and have several voices in our head. But only one in our heart. Does the voice I hear speak in a tone that resonates of #1-8? If it does, that is my truth. If it doesn’t, that is my fear.

Awareness of this difference also provides compassion and empathy when dealing with others. Needed when someone else approaches me with their #4.

10) Trust the process

As long as I am leading with LOVE, being kind(er), aware of my destructive personality & behaviours, setting boundaries, knowing I’m one piece of a grander puzzle, turtle stepping, focused on progress, maintaining my lighthouse and listening to my truth, there really is only one thing left to do… TRUST.

At some point, I have to let go. I can only let go when I can trust. I can only trust when I’ve put my energy into the kind of focus I want to expand. As much focus and energy it takes me to accomplish #1-9, it will still drive me crazy if I try to control the outcome.

The outcome is not mine. This is a burden I’m not allowed to carry. I put my trust in that I’m showing up. I put my trust in that greater thing I don’t understand but know I’m a part of. I put my trust in love & kindness. Start with LOVE, end with faith. The rest is not mine.

The moon sometimes looks like a C, but you can’t eat that.
— Cookie Monster in Classic Sesame Street; 'C is for Cookie'