About Waffle Art

I wish I was that artist that can give you an eloquent description of my process; but the fact is my best work is never planned, it’s felt.
— Robbie Myers; Waffle Art

The connection of all life is my biggest inspiration. Our individuality vs our universalism. 

There is no thing, action, even words that do not come back and affect our lives & how we live, how we think, how we perceive. This very connection we take for granted is dependent on our knowledge and love towards one another & all the creatures & environment we are surrounded by. 

As I indulge in Mother Nature whether on hikes or travel or even simply hanging out with my loyal companion, Braddah, I observe this connection everyday and see it as common sense. Yet I understand with how we live today & the many other distractions we have, it's easy to forget our roots. 

My art is to inspire us all to get back to those roots. To be reconnected to one another. To be responsible for who we are and how we live. To be accountable for all of our actions and words. To communicate in a healthy & positive fashion to encourage growth as change. To practice daily to be aware of the small things. To understand, that no matter where your life is in this current moment, you have the power to change, one step, one degree at a time. 

Hopefully I can help start that process with a little inspiration & encouragement. Starting here, at Waffle Art.

Sometimes I image, that I would like to be...”
— Ernie in Classic Sesame Street; 'Imagine That'