Tips For A Smooth Purchase & Good Karma

ALWAYS double, heck, triple check your shipping address.
ALWAYS double check if what you are ordering is ALL SALES FINAL.
Speak kindly at all times & remain positive & professional.
Shipping materials are all recyclable, please recycle.
Enjoy your new art & come back & see us.

General 'Need to Knows'

Speak kindly at all times. Even though life today can be primarily on a screen, we are all still people here. Whether it's a critique or an issue, please stay positive. In this space of Waffle Art, we can disagree, debate, heck, we can even argue with each other. This is a platform of kindness & acceptance. We do not shame others here. There is no name calling & we do not put other people down.

If you violate our kindness policy, we may have a personal discussion about your account. If you continue with this type of communication, we may ban you from this site. Unkind behavior isn't tolerated because it doesn't contribute. It only criticizes. If you disagree with our policies, open up your own platform and speak from there.

Woooo... sorry for the tough love there. But negativity is toxic. Take responsibility for the energy you put out into the world, including the internet.

We tenderly ask for your patience. We're an extremely small operation (we have dolls on staff). 

Sticker Policies

Stickers are All Sales Final.

Double, heck, triple check to ensure your shipping address is correct. Stickers are All Sales Final

Stickers are sealed in a Cello-bag for extra protection.

Due to monitor calibration, image colors may look slightly different on a computer screen vs. in person.

All rights reserved. Artist retains all image rights on all sold works and/or images. Purchase of any print does not transfer the ownership of the image. The Buyer may not reproduce any image for any purpose without obtaining written permissions from the artist.

Return Policies

There is a lot of love & work put into the art we're sharing with you. It's our desire to have our customers stoked. We appreciate thoughtful communication. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, send me a conversation first so we can work something out.

Stickers are All Sales Final. No returns will be given with any Sticker purchases.

If you have any further questions on how to return an item to us, contact us via email at

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