Brinley Discovers Santa

I had the honor of being able to illustrate this children's book written by my BEST friend Brooke Smith. This project helped me build the confidence I needed in order to further pursue Waffle Art. 

This clever story returns us back to the time as children when we realize that Santa is not really real. Just a character in children's stories. Do you remember how weird that time was? Thinking that your parents lied to you your whole life about an entire person. I do. That's why I agreed to illustrate this book. Smith does a classy job of redirecting that disappointment into the spirit of GIVING and what that really means. And how we can play our part in paying it forward or just simply, spreading kindness.

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Ickabob, the Goldfish

Meet the most tenacious adventurous goldfish you’ll ever meet. Coming out in 2019! We can’t wait to share my crazy creation with you.

When I’m alone, I count myself.
— The Count in Classic Sesame Street; 'Song of the Count'