Are you lost in an emotional labyrinth?

A question most of us can relate to. You know the place. That one where you are unsure of your state. A place where you can't tell left from right, north or east, circling. Sometimes finding yourself back in a place you've already been. If you can relate, this Yoga Nidra is for you!

I'm finding that the allowance of what I'm feeling is the only way for me to sort through my own mess. What I mean by that, is spending the time with myself that I need. To do some reflection. To allow myself to see where I've been in this labyrinth. It's possible I've left myself clues somewhere. Before, I would have had every excuse in the past to do this. You know the mantra.

"I don't have time."

Yet you're stressed out. The fact you're already stressed means you need to slow things down. Giving yourself the gift of clarity. Sometimes, this can take awhile. There may be some things you need to stew on. I'm finding that clarity is more clear when there's nothing else taking up space in my mind. Sure, it can feel terrifying to take time away from what's 'important'. Forgetting that the place you should spend the most time, is in the spaces where you're learning how to become greater. The spaces that are neither good or bad. Black or white. But in a mode of transition.

That transition, that's what feels like you're lost in a labyrinth. I like to visualize this space like the movie, Labyrinth. Like the walls and floors can move. This helps to motivate me to slow down. If I can slow down, and allow myself the time and space to hear my inner voice, the walls will move. The labyrinth will become clear, piece by piece. The more I run around, the more lost I get. The only way out, is through. I may as well start here then.

Giving myself the grace when I'm in any sort of transition.

Transition means more to me than moving. Or dating someone new. Or going through a break-up. Or changing jobs. Sometimes there's something nudging me. I can't tell what it is. Or if there's purpose. Everything that makes me ponder or question is a state of transition.

Allowing myself space & time to process thoughts or feelings. How much nicer does that feel? Kind isn't it? You would do it for a friend. Why not do it for you.

I wrote this Yoga Nidra to help feel when you are in that space. That space of unknown. Feeling lost. Rubbing the labyrinth walls with no sign of where to go.

Yoga Nidra can be practiced without background music. But I know for myself it helps me get deeper into the practice. There is no background music in this recording (don’t worry…. I’m learning). If you would like, turn on some ambient (no words) music on, in the background, as you practice.

Having your journal ready and near you sets you up. Whether you feel like writing in your journal or not, it's nice to have it near you in case you change your mind. Be curious. You may have something to say to yourself.

Thanks again for spending your time here with me. I hope you LOVE this practice as much as I LOVE creating them for you.

Much Love & Aloha,

Ps. Leave a comment below and tell me what has helped you in a state of transition. Or how you navigate your labyrinth.