Today's daily meditation is brought to you via brown paper bag.

Wait. What? I can get my daily meditation from a brown paper bag? I’m not talking about the kind you breathe into for a panic attack. I’m talking about the kind with food in it. 

After all, what a better nidra to launch my “Lunch Time Specials”. (If you knew me you’d know why I’m so tickled by this.) Take a peak with me inside this brown paper bag for your daily meditation. It’s only 20 min long and can easily be fit into your day.

Without further adieu, I’ll let you dive in. It IS lunch after all.

I’m still learning how to create all of this content for all you lovely people. Yoga Nidra is traditionally practiced without background music, but I know for myself it helps me get deeper into the practice. There is no background music in this recording (don’t worry…. I’m learning). If you would like, turn on some ambient (no words) music on, quietly in the background, as you practice.

Get out your journal before practice so you can easily access it after practice. This is a magical time to journal, while your mind is clear. I like to spend 10-15 min writing (even with no reason) after a Yoga Nidra. It’s powerful stuff and I invite you to give it try.

Much Love & Aloha,