The Rainbow Connection; 52 min Yoga Nidra

I am sunbathing in my backyard by the scrap wood pile. Imagining. Imagining I’m up in the mountains to help break up my routine. True story. I posted a picture in Instagram @whatsyourwaffle if you wanna see how much imagination I needed to muster.

One great thing about growing up with hard-working parents… you learn to use your imagination in a way that can teleport you on an adventure at any given moment. I’m frequently interested in why, as we get older, why do we give up this child-like imagination? For me, I’d be lost without it.

I crave the mountains. I’d be tempted to make a wager with a dark uninvited guest to be able to hike again. I’ve been struggling with my knees for 3 years and its been since the end of June I tore ligaments in my ankle. Rendering me ‘stuck at home’ for the most part.

How can I find that feeling when I’m having trouble walking around at home? Where can I have an adventure in the confines of my own home? And what do I need to do to make it work? In today’s case, I needed one hell of an imagination! So I used it. My imagination helps me deal with the large spectrum of feelings I’ve got going on. I’m aware enough to know I need some change in my routine. Some nature. Some fresh air.

Sure, I could have written this inside, but I wouldn’t be as happy to not take advantage of a warm winter day here in Boise, Idaho. I say, if using my imagination in a ludacris way supports my path in a healthy way, I’m all in!

The issue I find in this is that it’s difficult to feel defeated AND happy at the same time. But I’ve learned (am learning) it doesn’t have to be so difficult. I need to flip my switch. After some reading, my toe friend Scott Stabile pointed out the “switch” in his incredible book “Big Love”.

“It’s okay to feel all the thing we feel. It’s human.”

If I can allow myself to feel ALL the feels, I can lay outside upset about my foot's progress, in the sun. I can be warmed by the sun. I can give myself the gift of being outside. In nature. In the fresh air. Even if it’s by the wood pile.

I wrote this Yoga Nidra to support this process within all of us. Permission to FEEL IT ALL! The Rainbow of what it is like to be human. I hope you enjoy.

I’m still learning how to create all of this content for all you lovely people. Yoga Nidra is traditionally practiced without background music, but I know for myself it helps me get deeper into the practice. There is no background music in this recording (don’t worry…. I’m learning). If you would like, turn on some ambient (no words) music on, quietly in the background, as you practice.

Get out your journal before practice so you can easily access it after practice. This is a magical time to journal, while your mind is clear. I like to spend 10-15 min writing (even with no reason) after a Yoga Nidra. It’s powerful stuff and I invite you to give it try.

May you also get ludacris soon and enjoy your imaginary fairyland. Tell me what crazy things you’ve imagined to help support your path! I’d love to hear how other people are using this technique.

Thanks again for being here with me. I hope you LOVE this practice as much as I LOVE creating them for you.

Much Love & Aloha,